Hermitage, TN


    Nashville Electric Services:    (615) 736-6900 
    Metro Water Services:          (615) 862-4600

    Piedmont Natural Gas Co.:   (615) 734-0665 



Trash pick-up in Fleetwood is done through individual companies that each homeowner contracts with on their own.  Fees vary with each company, although they are all competitive.  Trash is collected once a week; most firms seem to collect on Mondays, but be sure to check with your particular company for their collection day.  The companies each supply their own collection can.  Following are some of the firms that collect in our community:

Waste Management:  (866) 336-1998

PDQ Disposal:  (615) 254-6666

Hudgins:  (615) 228-6331

Please be sure your garbage can is stored out of sight, either in your garage or in the back yard - except on pick-up day when it has to be at the sidewalk.


Our front and back ponds are two of Fleetwood's treasured features.  All of our neighbors are encouraged to enjoy their beauty.  However, swimming/wading is NOT permitted (and considering the snapping turtles that have been occasionally spotted, it just isn't a good idea anyway!). 

Also, in order to keep the ponds from becoming stagnant and a breeding ground for mosquitos, the Homeowners' Association pays to stock the ponds with algae-eating fish.  Therefore, "real" fishing!  The Fleetwood fish earn their keep and are vital to the health of the ponds.  

Some of our residents do like to engage in the occassional "catch & release" on a nice afternoon.  While the fish aren't very enthusiastic about this practice, if you wish to "catch & release" please be sure to take care when handling the fish.  We really do need them to be healthy in order to do their part in keeping our ponds in good condition.

Many of our residents like to feed the ducks that frequent our two ponds.  While it is OK to bring some bread for your little ones to have some afternoon fun feeding our ducks, we seriously discourage putting down large amounts of feed corn.  The problem is that it attracts large numbers of geese which our ponds are simply too small to support.  The geese not only foul the ponds, but the surrounding green areas and streets. 

Bottom line...the occasional bread feeding is OK - but please, no large scale, regular feedings. 


Just a short note here about pets...  when you are walking your dog(s) PLEASE remember to pick up after them!!  This applies not only to accidents in your neighbor's yard, but in the common areas we well.  Many residents like to walk or take their children to our common areas, and it simply isn't appropriate to have to dodge doggy land mines!!  Consideration and courtesy are the keys here...

Also remember there is a leash law in Davidson County.  Your pet cannot be allowed to roam free in the neighborhood.  Loose pets are subject to being picked up by Metro Animal Control. 

And while the leash law does not apply to cats, it is in the best interest of your kitty (and your neighbors) not to let her roam the neighborhood.  Besides the obvious danger of passing cars, cats do not distinguish between your yard and your neighbor's carefully tended garden.  In fact, a well-kept garden is apparently viewed as the perfect bathroom to your beloved feline!  So for the safety of your kitty, and peace in the neighborhood, please keep tabs on Tabby.


Every home in Fleetwood has a driveway and a one or two car garage.  Street parking can cause some serious issues, particularly on some of our narrower streets.  If you must park on the street, or are having guests who do, please do NOT park in such a way that access to the driveway across the street from you is hindered. 

And please, DO NOT block a mail box!  The mailman is not required to deliver mail to any home that does not have easy access to the mailbox.  (You may not mind missing a delivery, but since most mail posts have two mailboxes on them, your neighbor might not take kindly to having to go to the post office to retrieve missed mail!)

One other note of NOT park on the sidewalk.  Yes, that sounds odd, but from time to time, we have seen cars parked half on the sidewalk, half on the street.  Usually this is done on our more narrow streets.  But be is illegal to do this.  Metro police will ticket a car that is parked in this manner.  And while Metro doesn't make it a habit to cruise our neighborhood, when they do, they will ticket cars for illegal parking.