Hermitage, TN
Management Co.



The homeowners association is managed by Association Management Services (AMS). Joan and Jim Atkeison are the two principals of the company and are directly involved in the management of Fleetwood.

Association Management Services
P. O. Box 1126
Brentwood, TN  37024-1126
PH:      615-370-8094
FAX:    615-370-8097

AMS is responsible for the implementation of policies set by the board of directors for the development. Additionally, AMS’ areas of responsibility include the following;

A.  Administrative Services

Maintain all association records, including;
· Homeowner directory
· Architectural change requests
· Financial records
· Annual reports to the Tennessee Secretary of State 

Prepare and mail all association correspondence, including;
· Correspondence to individual homeowners
· Correspondence to all homeowners
· Correspondence to members of the Board of Directors
· Correspondence to various providers of services to the association
· Welcome letter to new homeowners 

Provide the following homeowner related services:
· Assist homeowners, future homeowners, and providers of services to Fleetwood
· Coordinate architectural change requests made by homeowners
· Respond to concerns and questions by homeowners and other parties
· Assist closing agents with transfer of ownership information
· Follow-up on any violations of development covenants noted during inspections of the community

B.  Board of Directors Services

· Prepare notification and other related information for meetings
· Attend meetings and advise Board members on all association matters
· Prepare and maintain minutes of meeting
· Follow-up on assigned action items discussed at meeting
· Communicate to and assist legal counsel for the association on board and other related matters · Provide copy of meeting minutes to the coordinator for web site

C.  Meeting Services - Homeowner Association

· Arrange for meeting location, necessary equipment and set-up, and award presentations
· Communicate meeting information to legal counsel and stenographer
· Prepare and mail notification and other related information for meetings to homeowners
· Coordinate and assist volunteers for homeowner registration, receipt of proxies, and
ballots for any matters voted on at the meeting

D.  Financial Services

· Prepare and mail annual statement for association fee due from each homeowner
· Record and deposit all association fee payments and follow-up on any delinquent payments
· Pay all invoices for services provided to association
· Provide monthly financial report to treasurer
· Prepare draft of annual association budget for Board of Directors

E.  Common Area Maintenance Services

Oversee and assist committee volunteers in the maintenance of all common areas of the development including;
· Landscape and turf maintenance
· Maintenance of the ponds and fountains 
· Tennis court maintenance

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