Covenants & By-Laws

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Architectural change Request Form

As noted on the Covenants & By Laws page, any proposed change or addition to the exterior of your home must be approved by the Board of Directors.  This includes, but is not limited to, things such as external color changes, fences, gazebos, decks, patios, awnings, extensive landscaping, playground equipment, basketball goals, satellite dishes (over and above the standard equipment of DISH network), and ornamental lawn decorations (e.g., large fountains).

When making exterior changes, please take your immediate neighbors into consideration.  For instance, if you wish to build up part of your yard, will such a change affect the drainage into and around the surrounding properties?  And while you don't have to have your neighbors' permission to put up a fence, it would be appropriate and considerate to at least advise them of your plans beforehand.

The application should be filled out completely, including the location of the proposed work shown on a plat of your property (a comparable drawing will suffice if you do not have the formal plat available).  All applicable dimensions must be shown.

All appropriate information should be sent to our HOA management firm:

Association Management Services
P. O. Box 1126
Brentwood, TN  37024-1126
PH:      615-370-8094
FAX:    615-370-8097

Your Application will then be forwarded to the Board for review.  A minimum of 15 business days is required for review of the plans.  It is the homeowner's responsibility to ensure that their Application is submitted within a time frame that meets their work schedule.  Failure to make any changes without prior approval could result in the change being removed at the homeowner's expense. 

Any questions regarding changes (what may or may not require an application) or the application process, should be directed to Associated Management Services.

Area Maps

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