About Your HOA

With the purchase of a home in the community, each homeowner automatically becomes a member of the Fleetwood Homeowners Association.  

As with any homeowners' association, we also have a Board of Directors made up of Fleetwood homeowners who are willing to volunteer their free time, and who are elected by the homeowners.  

Directors are elected for three year terms.  These terms are staggered such, that each year at the Annual Homeowners' Meeting, at least one or more directors' terms are up and they are either re-elected or new directors are voted into office by the homeowners present at the meeting. 

The Board members then choose their officers at the first Board meeting following the Annual Homeowners' meeting.

The Current Board

Nancy Haag - President  

Vickilynne Westcott - Secretary 


The homeowners association is managed by 

McGarr and Associates

PH: 615 366 8876

Email: brooke@mcgarr.net